Unsupportive Partner – Stopped Drinking & Smoking Marijuana

Hi Brooke,

Throughout last year I had started to think about quitting drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. I’m not an alcoholic however my biological father and grandfather were. I don’t smoke or drink when I’m alone. I was only smoking when with my boyfriend and drinking when around family, friends, or my boyfriend. As I had started down my spiritual path with the universe and got into meditation and I was and still have amazing experiences with meditation. I also started doing your work with the model. I found that whenever I smoke weed or drink alcohol all the hard work I put in place would disappear and I was just let things get to me and I wouldn’t have the ability to work myself through the model or anything. I also felt as if I couldn’t “feel” things all the way through if that makes sense?

Anyhow since the first of the year, I decided that I didn’t want to smoke or drink anymore. I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend so I only seem him every other weekend which has positives and negatives however the first weekend I was with him this year he was upset that I wasn’t drinking or smoking with him. He explained that it was something we would do together and he enjoyed it. Here is the model I went through after hearing him say this.

C: I don’t drink or smoke
T: My boyfriend will get bored of me
F: Sad, nervous, worried
A: Distant
R: Distant relationship

New Intentional Thought Patter:
C: I don’t drink or smoke
T: We have fun even when we aren’t drinking and smoking
F: Happy, content, calm
A: Continue to plan fun events and meetups
R: loving, fun relationship

I’m not sure if I thoroughly believe the T line right now, do you have any suggestions? And any recommendations on the model?
Thank you!