Unsure of how to rework my model

I’m new to SCS and am practicing writing and rewriting my first models. I’m a content writer and have several assignments due. I’ve been sick with the flu so I have lots of catching up to do now. I’m not looking forward to the long hours so it’s giving me anxiety and slowing me down. Here’s my model:

C = Writing assignments
T = This is going to take too long and I’m going to have to write for hours
F = Anxious; dread; overwhelm
A = Procrastinate, write slower because not focused
R = Assignments take even longer.

I’m not sure what I can put in the “T” to change the model with something more productive yet believable to me. Here’s my attempted rewrite:

C = Writing assignment
T = It’s okay to write bad first drafts, just get the words out
F = calmer and laborious
A = Get started on the work
R = Finish faster

I believe the thought, but I still have a feeling of overwhelm and dread about the work I need to do. I’m not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for your help.