I love you…. I’m very grateful to you for choosing to share your incredible gift and knowledge with “us.” I have listened to ALL your podcasts and to the best of my ability I have attempted to “apply” your model to many situations. I don’t always feel successful with my application of the model. When you offered SCS, I felt this would by my opportunity to “get” what I’m “not getting.” about self coaching.
My goal… To loose 25lbs. (the same 25 lbs. I have gained and loss for the last 20 yrs. ). My protocol I eat a no flour/sugar meal at 1:30 (20 hr. fast), and an apple with peanut butter at 5:00 (four hour window) every day. I lost 19 lbs since January 1st (thrilled). The last 3 weeks I have lost a gained the same 1 lb…….I’m aware at this time is where my thought work is the MOST important (as its easy when your loosing weight steadily) . As I attempt to apply all I have learned from you I notice I still have not determined the “why” of why I use food to buffer with food? I understand food is the symptom… I can’t figure out my “cause?” In addition, I recognize I don’t have a concrete commitment that I am 100% sure of that will assure me not to revert to my “old way of thinking” about food. Guidance on figuring out my “why?” and a reason to commit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your work.