Untangling conflicting thoughts?

What does one do when no version of a Model feels true or believable? I have a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings about a certain situation, and I’ve created multiple Models–but none of them are sitting right with me. The underlying question that I’m trying to answer for myself is, “What does family owe to one another?” I have a sister who has been in crisis her entire life. I’m helping her financially right now because she’s homeless. I paid for a few months of temporary housing on the condition that she get into therapy and/or coaching (which I would also pay for). I truly believe that helping her financially is ultimately not actually helping her; I believe that she needs to learn how to depend on herself. But I did help this time because she has a son–and I couldn’t bear the thought of my nephew being homeless. I won’t help her financially again (except for paying for therapy/coaching), and I’m going to honor that commitment. But a tiny part of me also believes that family should support each other, no matter what. Can you coach me on these conflicting beliefs that feel both right and wrong at the same time? I want to be loving and supportive without being enabling or cold-hearted, but I honestly can’t see yet what that looks like *in practice*. THANK YOU!!! <3