Unvaccinated and Vaccinated Guests

My husband’s sisters and their husbands are coming to visit. One couple is vaccinated and one is not. We live in Hawaii, and in order to eat at a restaurant, go to a bar, go golfing or to hang out at our country club, you have to show proof of vaccination or a current negative COVID test that is no more than 48 hours old.

I’m feeling resentful that they aren’t vaccinated, that they are coming at the same time as the vaccinated sister, that my husband hasn’t really made it clear what impact not being vaccinated will have on their visit (they live in a state with pretty much no COVID restrictions or rules).

C- My unvaccinated in-laws and vaccinated in-laws coming to visit at same time.
T – Them being unvaccinated is going to make us have less fun because we won’t be able to go out.
F – Resentful
A – Complain to my husband, complain to the vaccinated sister, ask husband to suggest they get vaccinated before they come (they won’t, because they have “concerns”), ask my husband to explain to them the limits them not being vaccinated will have on our activities, tell my husband I’m dreading getting stuck with all the planning, cooking and cleaning up of the meals.
R – I’m not looking forward to having them come.

I struggle with models and figuring out what the action and result lines are. Especially the result. Thank you for your help with this.