Unwanted behavior at work – working from the "a" line

Over the past few weeks I have found myself calling others after a meeting to “gossip” under the guise of debriefing about the meeting.  I believe this can erode my opinion of myself and integrity over time.  I was going to add others’ opinions of me but that’s going into their model correct?  At any rate it is a behavior that does not serve me.  I put it in the model and would like feedback.

C:  CEO made remarks on a topic
T :  “What a bunch of BS!”
F :  Judgmental
A :  called co-worker after meeting to express derogatory remarks about what person said.  Continue in my head which allows me to feel superior.  Don’t show up in a constructive way to add to the solution if there was an issue needing solving.  Close myself off from interactions between me and the CEO.  Don’t seek to understand.
R – My integrity suffers (behaving in a way that is counter to principles)

Thoughts?  I keep wanting to go into others’ models and how my relationship with them may suffer if gossiping continues. Thank you!!!