unwanted comments about my clothing

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Unintentional Model
C: I plan to see a friend tomorrow, and in the past, she’s said unsolicited words about my clothing, body, and appearance, including “you should wear …” and “that wasn’t a good look.”
T: I don’t like her past comments, and I don’t want her to make similar comments tomorrow.
F:  dread and annoyance
A: predict future, perseverate on past, strategize what clothing is most likely for her to not comment on
R: Feel bad ahead of time

New Ts
T: her past/future comments are about her, not me; or, she can say whatever, and I’m fine regardless (I can believe this, but I’m still holding on to a T like, she shouldn’t say these things out loud to me)
F: still annoyed

F: carefree and present (how I’d like to feel)
I wear whatever I want and not be distracted by anticipating comments

What am I missing?