Upcoming snorkeling trip

I’m currently on vacation and thought work has gotten me through so much of this trip.
It all came to a screeching halt though when my waitress mentioned sharks.
I’ve already decided to go on the snorkeling trip even though I’m terrified. I know that if I go home I will regret not doing it.
But I’m having a hard time practicing the thoughts to make the trip easier.
I’ve tried to prepare myself that yes, there are sharks in the water but they won’t attack me. The odds are very slim.
I can’t seem to shake the visuals of it possibly happening. And I know that I will do the snorkeling trip. I’m more so worried about being too scared that I won’t enjoy the trip.

C: waitress told me about sharks
T: I’m going to see sharks and maybe get attacked
F: frightened
A: consider cancelling trip
R: miss out on once of a lifetime opportunity

C: snorkeling trip
T: sharks live in the water and people snorkel everyday without getting attacked
F: 10% calmer
A: read shark attack facts just in case? Tell tour guide about my fears and stay near him
R: complete trip