Update on a Dare

Hi Brooke, wanted to give you an update on last month’s Dare focus. I have been recovering from a food borne disease I picked up in Cuba 1 1/2 years ago. During that time I experienced extreme fatigue for months in bed up to 20 hours a day.

Today I am healthy and so glad I’m SCS-VIP..doing the work and zipping along. Being Healthy, Happy and Free. For a good thirty days, I have been tired and fatigued thinking maybe this is just my new reality as I’m getting older and slowing down.

I was complaining about being exhausted. Telling myself, “I’m so tired, I am just so exhausted, I don’t have any energy.”

I am reading my Best of Ask Brooke book, from my VIP Package, thank you for its amazing!! and what do I read, “Is Being Tired or Fatigued a Thought or a Circumstance?” on page 28 and it hits me..what if this exhaustion is just a thought? What if I could DARE myself to stop saying I’m tired and tell myself I am full of energy and just get moving? I made up my mind not to think that thought anymore, guess what? I’m not tired or fatigued for well over a week. I changed my thought, worked the Model and it changed my life..who knew?

Thank you, Brooke, so looking forward to seeing you next week. So excited to fly to Dallas, rented a darling house on AirB&B for a five-day stay in Dallas by myself. I have never been to Dallas and am so beyond thrilled about getting to visit your city.