Upper eyelids surgery and Shame

Since a few years I consider having an upper eye lid surgery. In my family our upper eyelids drop very low, over my eyelashes, when getting older. I know a doctor who does this surgery, she told me it’s a minor intervention. I really want to do it since it bothers me, physically and mentally.

But I keep postponing it. I shouldn’t want this, I should accept that this is what aging is. I don’t want anyone to know that I do this. This is not me(!) During 7 days I’ll have bruising so it’s hard to hide.

I’m 53 years old and in great shape (otherwise). I’ve never done anything like this before.

C. Eyelid surgery
T. I don’t want anyone to know I do this
F. Shame
A. Postponing, finding out where, how I can do it, looking at websites.
R. No surgery, ‘hanging’ eyelids. Keep thinking about it.

T. I can handle any comment
F. Determined
A. Inform myself where I best go, schedule an appointment for an intake and surgery
R. Have my eyelids done. See better, look as I want to look.

Will you have a look at this?