Upper Limit Issue/ Belief About Losing Weight (TRT)

This past weekend I finally hit a weight goal that I have been trying to get to for over a year and a half (thank you for the protocol training!). The next day I passed the first of five certification exams working towards a career goal I have had for 4 years. I finished my weekend on top of the world, positive all of my hard work was finally paying off. Monday, everything spiraled out of control. I stepped on the scale and the 4 pounds I lost had come back (even though I was very careful over the weekend at my seminar to stay on protocol). Then my daughter got sick. Then I filed taxes and ended up owing a huge sum of money (which was no surprise, but I made it a big deal). Then my son’s behavior escalated and he was being defiant and wouldn’t listen. His school called and asked for a meeting.

I just started crying and didn’t stop for about 18 hours. I’m not the type of person who cries like that, so I started jotting down all of my thoughts. Most of them centered around me hitting this wall every time I get to a certain weight, a point in my career or finances, or peaceful place with my family. I read The Big Leap last year and can see that I am upper limiting myself (and I do it often). But I feel stuck on how to correct this. I understand that one of my biggest challenges is that I do not believe I am capable of reaching my goal weight, making above a certain amount of money or that I deserve too much love and happiness. What I do not understand is how to correct this belief. It’s the weight one that gets me the most. As soon as I start to see progress on the scale, I tend to lose it. I’ve done many, many thought downloads on this. But still my behavior hasn’t changed. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.