Upper Limit problem, feeling greedy.

I’m finally in a place where I’m financially ok, my needs are met and we’re covering all expenses. I realized during coaching that I’m no longer in crisis mode and am free to move beyond. I didn’t think I’d ever be here and I decided I wanted more money to buy better clothes and a new house. And my brain is screaming that I’m greedy and it’s getting in the way of my asking for money for coaching or writing or in general. The thought “you don’t actually need it” and “it’s greedy to ask for more now that your needs are met.” I’m trying out “it’s totally fine to want more” or “I want more money and that’s ok” “Asking for money is how you get money” “I am worthy of more money” These work for a while but the “greed guilt” voice keeps sabotaging. I never my whole life expected to have a life this good, I feel like I’m pushing my luck and being ungrateful to ask for more. How do I break this thought loop?