Upper limit problem

Hello, my amazing friend! After seriously working on my mental hygiene and doing the work for three years, I realized this week that I have actively upper-limited myself. I’ve gained 20 pounds after losing 180. Around Thanksgiving, I hit my goal, I had a wonderful holiday season and Jan 1 came and bam! I hit the upper limit. I’ve been floundering for a couple of months. I began a month ago, with my thought work again, in earnest, everyday, and I’ve pulled myself out of the tailspin. Things are going so much better. And then this happened: About three people into the VIP call yesterday, I caught a thought out of the corner of my eye and I realized in the moment, that this is the thought that has been holding me back.

T: I never thought in a million years that my life would be this amazing.
F: Freaked out
A: Eating to buffer
R: weight gain

Which led to…
T: I’m totally out of control
F: Shame
A: More eating
R: weight gain

Which led to…
T: I know better and I should be able to coach myself out of this
F: Prideful
A: Don’t reach out for help
R: Deeper in the negative spin

My life has never been better, I’ve lost a butt ton of weight! My marriage is fantastical and I’m so in love! My business is growing! My relationships are wonderful! I am so blessed! Seriously, my life is off the hook! And it’s so weird. It’s like I’ve been trying to sabotage it all. I even discovered thoughts like: “I don’t need to do models and downloads. I got this.” My brain told me that Krispy Kream would be a good idea last week. Are you freeking kidding me?! I haven’t had a donut since 1998. My brain was so lying to me and I listened for a couple of months, because I couldn’t hack feeling what I was feeling. And did I mention the shame!?! BTW, I didn’t go to Krispy Kream. I’m back on track doing everything I ask my clients to do. Protocol is dialed in and I know this weight will fall off easily.

I think that after I reached my goal weight, I didn’t have anything else planned to do – no big monster to fight. I’ve spent a very long time focusing on losing weight – so much time and energy. I have funneled a lot of energy into my business. It is growing, but I can clearly see how this upper-limiting has had an impact on how I have been showing up for my weight loss clients.

Okay Brooke, my coach, my mentor, what do I think now? How do I think myself into this successful version of myself without sabotaging my life? Thanks so much!