So first all am I doing the model correctly? Secondly, what do you think of the content of my model. I know the more urges the easier and faster but I’m making a choice. I’m writing this 4 hours before going out for dinner.

C: drinking tonight
T: I want to change my original drink plan by upping it by drinking possibly one more glass of wine tonight
F guilty, rule breaker
A I “may” drink an extra glass tonight from my original plan
R: If I do drink that extra glass I am breaking the rules of my original drink plan and will probably be mad at myself


C: drinking tonightI
T: I want to change my original drink plan by upping it to one more possible glass of wine tonight.
F: accepting
A: If I up my plan by one drink and have the drink then I’m not fighting an urge
R: If I up the original drink plan and drink that extra glass of wine, I am fully aware and accept that I am choosing not not experience and “urge” tonight” and that’s okay.

Okay, now you are going to say, “Why did you feel you had to up the drink plan in case you wanted another glass of wine.” right? Well, okay here is the honest answer. “I’m doing pretty well at this and have made a lot of changes in a short period of time and even if I up the plan ahead of time its because I can and I guess I don’t want to feel that uncomfortable and giving myself a pass because I know most often I will be doing the right thing and who cares if it takes me longer lol!