Ups and Downs

I just feel ups and down these days. I have been experiencing a lot of negative emotions ever since I started my business or while I was in my job.

I constantly feel defeated and disappointed. I am trying to sign my first few clients. And it just is so hard. I get constantly defeated when things don’t work out the way I expect.

I keep picking myself up saying I will make it happen. Keep going. Keep trying. Keep showing up. But yeah it just so hard sometimes when you get constantly defeated even though it’s my thoughts.

Is it normal? Is it all part of the process? Yeah sometimes I do wish that I could make money and that I can build more momentum and keep going.

It’s just so sad because I did dream big and I did think things were possible for me. But all the constant fails make it just so hard. Sometimes I feel like giving up all of this. Go get a job. Do something on the side. I just feel upset.

Right now I don’t even feel like sharing content to people because I haven’t really created any results in my life. Don’t feel inspired.