Since Covid 19, I have been doing some shopping online and I am finding receiving the parcels stressful.

For example, I ordered 1 item and I noticed it had taken a long time to arrive.
I put it down to the delays due to Covid 19.
Then I got a telephone message from UPS to say they had been trying to deliver my package and they were going to return it to the sender if I didn’t contact them.
I hadn’t received a delivery slip or anything before this call. Also me and my husband barely go out, so its unlikely we would have been out when they came.
I returned the call and spoke to a new person who took my details and said someone would call me back but no one did.
The next day I created an account online with UPS so I see what was happening.
It looked like they had been going to the wrong house because the person who lived at the address refused to accept the package because they hadn’t ordered anything.

I emailed UPS, I emailed the company I had place the order with. I kept checking my phone. I was really annoyed that they were going to the wrong address when the address I had placed the order with was correct. I felt like I couldn’t be heard. That I had done everything right but people weren’t doing their jobs.
Plus I was REALLY really annoyed with how long this was all taking me when I have work to do. I wished I hadn’t ordered the item in the first place.

Finally towards the end of the day when I logged into my UPS account I saw they had left a note to say they had updated the address and it would be sent to my address next week.
When I found that out I felt better, and it was only then that I realized just how much it had been upsetting me.

It sounds so silly to have gotten this upset over a UPS delivery. When it was happening I tried to create a neutral C line, but everything felt so triggering,

Any advice?