Upset About Unfair Feedback at Work

I recently conducted a workplace investigation regarding a roughhousing incident between two employees that occurred at the end of 2020. In my report, I attached the video of the incident, took the time to include screen shots from the video to show how unprofessional and ridiculous this was, and in my conclusion that there were rules violations, I noted that they were required to have masks on at the time of the incident (because of COVID) and did not. F, In-house counsel, told me she was talking to General Counsel (GC) and that GC said I should not have mentioned they didn’t have masks on, that it was not relevant and that I should keep the facts of my report tighter and maybe have a different memo regarding the masks issue. I take criticism seriously because I want to constantly improve and I respect GC’s opinion very much.

But I have no idea where the criticism is coming from since he didn’t read the report, hadn’t watched the video and hadn’t bothered to look at the screen shots. I don’t understand how the fact that two employees having a maskless wrestling match in the middle of a pandemic when the State mandated social distancing and implemented rules in the workplace to honor those regulations for the safety and welfare of its workforce and community is not relevant. So, I am annoyed, maybe even a little hurt and angry by it because it doesn’t make any sense and how am I supposed to know when to mention masks and when to not mention them. I’ve worked my ass off on these reports and I feel like it’s a big fuck you to me and he didn’t even fucking read it.

C: F says that GC said that I should not have mentioned that the employees were not wearing masks in my investigative report.
T: I’ve worked my ass off on these reports and I feel like it’s a big fuck you to me and he didn’t even fucking read it.
F: angry
A: Ask F several questions about what he meant by that. Ask if GC was mad. Ask what her opinion is. Defend myself to her. Go back and look at the video and the screenshots. Get more upset that he hasn’t even bothered to look at these things and if he would, he would see that I’m right and he is wrong. Question why I even bother working hard on things. Ask myself what’s the point. Ruminate. Wake up angry in the middle of the night thinking about this.
R: I make the fact that I worked hard on the report mean that GC is not allowed to criticize me if he hasn’t done the work to even read it.