Upset by a "friend" who used sales methods towards me that I really dislike

I’ve just had a conversation with someone whom I thought was a friend. She was advising me on investing in crypto, with words that I define as “pushy methods” and event “manipulative”. She basically told me: “This is a great opportunity to make money, don’t waste your time, do it right now! Your social media community could learn from you”, BS blablabla. I’m so upset, I answered her with shaking hands! I wrote her that I’d advise her to read again and question how she is advising me. That it doesn’t create any confidence for me in her.

Right now I’m just very upset and disappointed by her. I’m happy I could answer the way I didn’t, being the less judgemental that I could be. I guess I’d like to know what I can do next to not be bothered too long by this conversation. I’ve reacted to my feelings by unfollowing her on socials. I’m switching my head from thinking she’s a friend to wondering “who the hell is she?” I’m probably disappointed in her so much that I look back and think I should have never think she’s a friend.

Thanks for your help in clarifying all that!