Upset husband

C- husband said my toddler always cries when I am around
T – he thinks I am a bad mother
F – angry
A – I try to ignore, shed a tear that he think I’m a bad mom, give him a cold shoulder the whole day, show how he is bad father at any given opportunity, say mean things to him before leaving for night shift
R- I behave as a bad wife

I was upset the whole day with him.
I kept thinking I am bringing this onto me .
I couldn’t figure out why he said that to me.
He knows she always throws tantrums around me .
He thinks I ignore her.
I kept trying to find out what I said which made it worse for him.

I had a favor to ask from him but I felt entitled when I asked for it

C medications needed to be picked up from the pharmacy for my allergies
T – he should be volunteering to pick it up for me as he is not working any more
F – entitled
A – ask him reluctantly, he declined reluctantly, he asked me he can accompany me if i want and he won’t go alone, I felt guilty asking him as he had a back pain, didn’t give him a clear answer, ultimately told him I would pick it up myself. I decided to pick it up as it’s my problem not his. Said mean things to him
R – I don’t unconditionally love for him

I want to love him and I feel bad.
But the whole day I was angry and resentful
I didn’t say much to him but I was thinking about it.
I was hating on him.

I hate myself doing that

How can I get better at it?