Upset Patient

I’m a physician working in a government setup where I don’t have my fixed clientele and patient has to see different doctors through out her pregnancy. Recently I was doing a clinic which was running late as one of the patients needed more time . Unfortunately the waiting time for patient lined up to see me ,kept increasing . Lucky for me , most of the patient were understanding except for one who was extremely upset and she made it loud and clear to everyone including me regarding how much she hates our hospital . I apologized to her multiple times for the inconvenience and I was trying my level best to make her journey in the hospital as comfortable as possible . But she refused to acknowledge any of that and left all upset . I still had some more patients to see and I kept feeling humiliated all this time while trying to focus on the next patient and continued to be stuck in a thought loop for a day . I understand that some days will be bad and sometimes we just have to feel the humiliation . These unavoidable events will happen on and off and no matter how many past incidents I’ve had, it still hurts each time . I wish to know how I can handle an upset patient without upsetting myself .