upset with the system

I am getting a divorce and upset about how my husband could betray me, but also about how the system supports and allows him to.
I was trusting, loving and now it seems like I’m getting screwed by him and the law. My resources now become his resources, his resources not going to be my resources, him denying me time with my children because things were left out of agreement, so he offered them, then removed offer, on and on. We agreed for me to be with the children, now I have to work full time. I like being productive and I can work some, but I’m being expected to make $ I never made before – and our agreement was for me to be with the children – I wouldn’t have had children with him if the plan was for me to work full time. This isn’t what I want for them. I can’t leave the state. I can’t move.
A lot of things.
I guess all of this C and I think
I am trapped.
I’m getting screwed – he can harm me through the system.
F: defeated
A: try to fight him, waste my energy, occasionally win, cost high, think that I have to either keep letting my energy be sucked by him, or give into him – again I’m screwed. Occasionally think about becoming amazingly successful on my own, but fear that will not be posible.
Try to think of what I can do to make money.. Tell myself there are a lot of ways, but I don’t know what I will truly be successful at.
R: ?

In the end, I don’t know what to do. No, in the end it seems it doesn’t matter what I do, my husband is able to be mean to me and to use the legal system to keep his resources from me while taking mine. I hate it.

I’d really appreciate any help. Thank you.