Urge Counting RG

I may have asked this before but I don’t remember if it was answered and can’t find it anywhere so I’ll ask again.

When I get an urge to drink, it’s not like 10 urges in an hour to record. My urge can come on at 4:00 and feel the same continuously thru say 6:00 pm. So I’ve been counting this as one urge. Is that correct? I don’t seem to feel a break in between ( it’s just there). I don’t believe I’m resisting these urges because I’m aware they are there and trying to go with it but not answering it. I’m having difficulty determining what counts as an urge in a period of time. Should they be like “oh there’s an urge and let me stop in my tracks and feel it almost like a meditative state?” And that’s one because I sat with it and let it pass? But then again I can’t go through my day stopping to concentrate on that one specific urge. Or…. as I said, is one urge being aware of it and going with it even if it is over 2 hrs and counting it as 1 urge. I’m getting frustrated with not understanding this.
Thank you