urge duration

Am I allowing or resisting? Do you agree a good metric to understand whether the urge has been allowed properly would be to check if we feel completely neutral with respect to taking or not the action we feel compelled to take (drink, eat, …)?
I tried to do exercise like taking a pause of 20 mins during a meal, or, if I have food planned but I am still quite full, considering the option of not having the next meal/ finish the dish. As soon as I consider the option my brain goes into scarcity mode and urges for food, no matter if I am full or not. We agree that NOT having the food would be completely neutral. I wonder if the way to believe in this being neutral is to have a reason which is compelling enough to not eat the food. Afterall my brain is right to argue with me unless I provide “him” a good reason to not do what “he” likes. When I tried these kind of experiments so far I was not able to reach complete neutrality, I had an expectation of food to come into my body and the more I delayed the reward the more the reward was essential. Should I make sure I have a good enough reason before trying again?