Urge jar

I am working on quitting smoking, I am using the urge har and it is going very well!

I am also taking the how to stop over drinking course (I just started) because A) smoking and drinking go hand in hand for me (when I am drinking I always want to smoke) and B) I have a lot of Christmas events coming up where I will have the desire to drink but I don’t really want to actually drink.

I am trying to focus on 1 thing at a time but quitting smoking is going really well (it’s as good as done) and I would like to look at this drinking thing now because I don’t want to spend Dec feeling like crap, I want to spend it feeling energetic and having fun with my kids!

Do you think it’s a bad idea to have 2 urge jars going the same time? Could I use the same urge jar for 2 different types of urges? Or do you think I should keep my urge jar going for smokes while I learn the concepts of how to stop over drinking without using an urge jar

Thanks in advance for the advice!