Urge Jar

I am loving the Urge Jar concept. I started it for the first time yesterday and can already tell that it is going to help me manage urges to overeat – amazing!

However, I don’t want to carry the jar to work every day and back home at night. I probably have equal amounts of urges at work and at home. I was thinking I could carry some of the pebbles and a smaller jar with me to put them in when I get urges while I am out and about, and then bring it home every night and put everything in the main urge jar. Do you think this would still be as effective?


The most effective thing is to do whatever will help you be the most consistent.

Since the pebbles are visual reminders and rewards for our brains as we allow urges, the most important thing is to be intentional and consistent through the process.

Keep showing up for yourself Scholar; we look forward to hearing about your progress!