Urge Jar

I am currently focusing on the weight loss program in SCS and have specifically be utilizing the Urge Jar. I started my protocol on Monday of this week, expecting to have many urges, therefore, having to put many marbles in the jar.

I have struggled with overeating for quite some time, and figured that I would have to go through a lot of urges in the beginning of the program. I have not had to put one marble in my jar since I have started. This is something I am shocked at, but I am not complaining that I haven’t had any issues yet.

My question is, what really is an urge? For example, I will think about eating something, but that thought will pass because I know that whatever food it is that I am thinking about, is not on my food agenda. Would that still be considered an urge?

I initially thought an urge would be more of the uncontrollable overeating, but I think that it can possibly be defined different for every person. I just don’t know on what circumstances I should be taking the time to feel the urge, then train my brain to get the satisfaction from placing a marble in the jar.