Urge Jar and is hunger an urge?

Hello! I was wondering if I could consider this as an urge (and put a bead in my jar): For example I feel hunger at a time when I have not planned any eating in my protocol so I tell myself “This is hunger. Hunger is not an emergency, I won’t starve. It’s just a great time to dine in! Come on hunger, that’s all you’ve got?” or sometimes, I think “Oh hunger! How curious I’m hungry now!” or even “I might be hungry but my body doesn’t need external food, it has plenty to feed itself inside!” and then go on with what I was doing and hunger doesn’t come back soon.
Because it’s not an urge to eat a specific food like chocolate or chips, I wonder if I can treat it as one.
Plus I scheduled a new coaching session next week, can I use it to talk about my protocol and food journal?
Thanks! (7,5 pounds lighter since I began the Urge jar and food journal)