Urge Jar and MHO

Hi 🙂
In one of my 20 min coaching calls.
My coach suggested using the concept of the urge jar to process the emotions that come to me when I don’t want to follow through my Calendar.
I thought it was a great idea, but I haven’t done any weight loss work, so I don’t have much information about it.
Could I have some suggestions about how to blend the two things together?

Here are some related models.

C: Notification to start a time block for work in my Calendar.
T: I’m not ready to do this now.
F: Doubtful (or insecure, not exactly sure).
A: I change the task or the time block in my calendar.
I start the task late.
I move away from my computer.
I go to prepare a snack – buffer.
I ignore/avoid the task altogether.
I over-research about how to do the task.
R: ? I don’t get ready to start

C: Notification that the time block for X in my Calendar is done.
T: I haven’t finished it yet.
F: Overwhelmed.
A: I extend the time block in my calendar.
I keep working on the same tasks and ignore the Calendar for the rest of the day.
R: ? I never finish it.

Thank you.