Urge jar and overspending

I’m using my urge jar for overspending. I adapted the daily planning that Brooke talked about in the podcast for my money goal. I plan my spending 24-48 hours in advance, specifically what I will buy, save and earn. I write down my goal results and my actual current results daily.

I am noticing I sometimes think thoughts like “I want that tank top” and I just notice it and go on with my work usually. Sometimes I’ll take more actions like putting the thing aside while I’m working (i work in retail) and then I notice what I’m doing and ultimately don’t buy it. So I am wondering if that counts as an urge. How do I know if I’m allowing the urge or white knuckling it? I am noticing sometimes I feel a lot more discomfort than other times. I think it’s related to the amount of money I would have overspent by. I’m noticing little tiny fails like buying the $1.10 vending machine thing unplanned because I think it’s justified when I’m really hungry. Anyway I was just wanting to ask if it counts as an urge or not.