Urge Jar – being too strict?

I’m on a weight loss journey and have been sticking pretty closely to my protocol.
I’ve had my urge jar for 3 days and I haven’t added one single marble… not because I’ve been eating when I have an urge but because of tw reasons:
1. My urges seem to be very fleeting and I believe I heard Brooke in one of the coaching calls say to only count the urges if you’d give in to them in the past.
For example, my husband brought home a box of peanut butter m&m cookies that I’ve historically loved. We were watching a moving and he was eating cookies, multiple times I thought to myself… they look so good, I bet they’re delicious and felt an urge to want to grab a piece, but the urge passed in less than 10 seconds because I haven’t had sugar in months and now I know that I won’t eat that. Does this count as an urge?
2. My big urges are about the future. Some days I feel this urge to rebel and I think: “F*** everything, one day I’m just going to eat all the cookies I want, this sucks!”. And when I have these thoughts I feel an intense urge to just drop everything that I’m doing (but I know that I won’t do it today, it’s more like a fantasy about the future), I feel this pressure on my chest and I also feel angry. I stay present to it and know that I won’t eat at the moment. Sometime these strong urges feel a bit like anxiety and I start thinking: “Will I actually be able to stay off flour and sugar forever? That seems impossible. What if I one day just burst and screw up everything I’ve done so well until now?”
So the question is, are these scenarios of urges, even if I always know that I’m not going to give in right now?