Urge jar – do I get a marble if it’s not possible to fulfill the urge?

I’m following the Urge Jar course and I’m not trying to lose weight but I’m trying to quit smoking weed during the day. I’ve been smoking weed daily for about 25 years. My question is, when I have an urge or a craving, but the possibility isn’t there to fulfill it, do I get a marble?
For example – today I went for a bike ride on my lunch break. I often smoke weed before a bike ride but today I didn’t, I just got on my bike and went. I don’t know if I allowed the urge or just changed my circumstance so the weed wouldn’t be available. Then, while I was riding, I thought a lot about the fact that I didn’t smoke the weed. It wasn’t that uncomfortable, I just thought about it because it was different. The cravings came but the weed wasn’t available so I couldn’t smoke it if I wanted to. Does that count?
Then I got home and I still haven’t smoked any weed, I came right to the computer to ask this question. Do I get 3 marbles? One for before the bike ride, one for during, one for after? Or do I get zero marbles? Or all the marbles because I’m still thinking about it? To relate it back to food, if you have cravings for food but there is no food to eat anywhere, does that count as allowing an urge?