Urge Jar Food question

I’m listening to Brooke’s videos and I’m looking at her stop overeating workbook.

This is from her book:
Avoid Anything with flour(all types including gluten free, nut flours, bean flours, corn starch, wheat germ, guar gum)Anything with sugar(including natural sugars, nectar, fruit flavorings, syrups) Anything with trans fats(margarine, partially hydrogenated oils, deep fried foods including chips and fries, non-dairy creamers, popcorn)
All processed, concentrated, and refined foods (including all juices, smoothies, alcohol)
OK to have condiments, broths, spices (up to you): dark chocolate, artificial sweeteners.

Can you tell me WHY she says no nut flours? Or perhaps almond flour? Or black bean pasta, or almond pasts? These seem like they would be fine so I’m not sure why she is saying these are bad if it’s not white/wheat flour?
And what about smoothies and green juices that are made FRESH? Smoothies with fresh fruit/almond milk/spinach should be fine – right?? or freshly juiced veggies/fruits in a glass?

Just want to clarify.