Urge Jar for Mind Management Follow Up

Last week I asked if using the urge jar for mind management was a good idea. The idea being every time I turn a negative thought into a positive, believable thought, meaning when I don’t resist or give into a negative thought but rather, acknowledge it and positively change it I get a bead. You replied wondering what my doubts were about but I wanted to let you know, no more doubts! That is what I’m using the jar for.
This is my 10th month in scholars and at the beginning of each month, I’m realizing, I have a tendency to think, oh, I don’t know about this month, I’m not sure what to do, what if I do it wrong, etc. etc., which I briefly entertained when watching this month’s videos today, but instead of indulging in that, I was able to change those thoughts around to, I will figure it out, I will choose just the right four people, this is going to be a great month, I have every intention of improving my relationships with myself and others. I feel so much better going into this month than I typically do!
I was planning on starting my Urge Jar May 1st, but I think I already earned my first bead:)
Thank you so much! I am genuinely looking forward to the month ahead XO