Urge Jar Implementation/Food Choices Impacting Hunger Hormones

I watched the Urge Jar training and started implementing it this week. It’s fascinating to me how the smooth glass stones I have serve not only as a reward, but also as a point of contact in my hands as I sit with the urge and evaluate what’s going on within my mind. Such a simple, yet powerful tool!

As I watch myself I am noticing sometimes I have urges to eat more after I’ve finished a meal. For example, I had a meal bar with only 2g of sugar but it tastes sweet. Almost immediately afterward I wanted something else. I’ve notice this pattern with other food and am curious how certain foods may be impacting my hormones and creating urges. Rather than a thought creating the urge. I have been working on my awareness of how thoughts create my urges as well. I’ve watched almost all of the Weight Loss info in the Study Vault but would welcome some advice regarding my situation. Thank you!