URGE JAR (More Questions)

I don’t have my Urge Jar, yet, but I just started doing the steps today in my own notebook. Today was Day 1 and two of my menu items were not available and I didn’t have time to go shopping to replace them. I ended up having a lot less to eat and was very hungry towards the end of the day, so I ate some boiled peanuts (not planned).

Why is substitution (even healthy/comparable choices) not allowed per the Urge Jar system? Why does chicken have to be chicken and not turkey or fish? I wanted to stick to the plan, even when someone ate my avocado. But once I found the asparagus was spoiled and all I had to eat was broiled chicken for dinner, I was really hungry, so I added peanuts.

Are we supposed to log the quantities, as well (i.e. 5 oz. chicken, 1 cup brown rice)?

Throughout the day, I had fleeting urges every time I looked at any food! I spied the snack table in the office and had a moment of wanting to go see what was available, but I immediately turned away—does that count as a bead? I had a LOT of those fleeting thoughts of wanting to eat something, but did not give in—should I be getting a bead for every fleeting thought? I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Day 1, but I felt “urges” all day long!
By the way, when did the Urge Jar first come out? I seem to have missed the launch. I only ordered my Urge Jar yesterday, but I’m looking forward to getting it soon! Thanks!