Urge Jar – Starting Over

I watched the videos on the Urge Jar in the study vault and started utilizing a jar/beads on 9/5/22. One issue I was having was really determining if I was allowing the urge or resisting it.  The first few days I stayed on protocol (usually had 1 item on the plan that I didn’t even have for various reasons) so I didn’t feel like I was having any urges.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve just come back from an 8 day vacation. I feel like I need to START OVER with the urge jar. Part of me is wondering why I started before vacation. I really didn’t think about urges past the first day of vacation. I had some meals where I chose wisely with protein, salad, veggie but then gave in to the urges for ice cream and treats along with my family (not wanting to feel excluded).

This feeling of not being perfect so I need to start over isn’t just with the urge jar, it plays over and over on everything I try to start. This perfectionistic tendency is driving me crazy.

What can I do to keep going even when things don’t turn out perfectly.