Urge to eat grape

Hi, would you please check a model for me?


C Ate 1/2 grape at store
T Shit, I ate a grape. I was supposed to be fasting till supper today.
F disappointed in self
A Focus on mistakes made in the past. Dwell on the fact I did not follow my protocol for the day, after doing so well for the last 21 days. Worry that it will interrupt my fasting, try to justify why I ate the grape.
R make fasting hard for the rest of the day.


C Ate 1/2 grape at the store.
T I wonder why I did that.
F Curious
A Explore different thoughts on why I acted on an Urge, accept what happened and move on, spit out food when I noticed that I put it in my mouth.
R Continue fasting for the rest of the day with no drama.