Urge to steal

Hi Brooke and coaches: I have a strong urge to take things when I am visiting my relatively wealthier Mother-in-Law. Mundane things like soap, toothpaste, snacks. Things that my family could use, but things that we’re not necessarily lacking either. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this feeling/thought. And finding that I’m looking to my childhood of attending a private school on financial aid with most of my friends having significantly more money than my family and all the thoughts and feelings that went with this experience. However, I know that life coaching is about the present and future, not the past. So, I’m hoping for some direction here. Here is my model: C: Urge to steal (is that correct for the C?) T: I wish I didn’t want to take her stuff, but I’m open to understanding my desire F: Shame mixed with curiosity. A: Feel shame, try to also be the watcher. R: Simultaneously want to take stuff still, but also try to understand why I want to.