Urge vs a feeling

I’m wondering if anger or frustration can be an urge.
C- my daughter says “no I didnt day that”
T- she’s doing it (denying), AGAIN.
F- Frustration
A- argue, disconnect
R- I’m doing it again. Meaning: taking the same action and hoping for a different result.

My arguing and disconnect provide the relief from the frustration. Or, at least, I get to do something about it. I’m reacting instead of acting how I decided in advance I wanted to act.
Doesn’t it sound like I’m describing an urge?

I think that the “…AGAIN” part of the thought is really what triggers the urge to react for me.

So…can anger, frustration etc be an urge? I haven’t heard them described this way, but it seems to fit.

Please advise.