Yesterday I had a 20 min coach call.

I talked about how I used to be on social media all the time and now I only go on for 10 min a day, I still have urges too, but I dont do it beacuse I know my head is more clear when I dont, which makes my life better.

We compared this to my urge to smoke (i am in the process of quiting) and how if i could be present with my urge to go on social media, maybe I could also be present with my urge to smoke without giving in to my primitive brain and smoking.

I have been thinking about this and the problem that I have is that my urge to go on social media is no where near as intense as my urge to smoke, it just doesn’t feel like a big deal any more. But my urge to smoke feels very very strong

Is that the point? That urges stop feeling so intense when you stop feeding them?