I know my thoughts are creating my desire, but the « I want more food », « I am still hungry » kind of thought is still there, even without sugar and flour. It is really difficult not to say « yes » and act on this urges, especially when I do not have anything else as much pleasant to do and that I am alone at my place.

It still requires so much discipline, even if it is just though, it feels so hard and I am often mad at myself still thinking like this… I have started the LCS since January, I should be able to think differently by now…

I lost weight, was at my dream weight and then got back some weight because of too big quantities but still without sugar and flour … should I start over with the weight loss program? I would prefer so much being done with the weight issue but still thinking a lot about it … I do not want to lose faith but sometimes I am wondering if it is really possible for me be and maintain my weight goal, to see food just as fuel and not thinking about it or having desire for it the rest of the day.