I am shocked to say this but I can actually say I have had no urges this week at all. For real, straight up, no urges. And I have had two very unpleasant days at work. Instead of responding to my stressful day with wine, I came home and fed the birds and sat in my yard with a seltzer. I have not gotten to 100 unanswered urges, but what I have done is immerse myself in the videos, watch the QA calls from this month and really write down all of the reasons cutting way down or out altogether is such an attractive alternative to me. I’m reading Rachel’s book now and I am at the part where she says something like the desire to be proud of herself outweighed the desire to fit in and drink. That is where I am. I want to be proud of myself for doing this hard thing.

My goal for this month was to really do the work in SCS, not just be a consumer. I’m doing the work and it’s working. Thank you.