Urges As Circumstance

I am two months scholar and had a goal for September to be on protocol all month, every single day.
Aside of a Jewish holiday fast day, which I had yesterday, I had been reacting to my automatic urges every morning, with favorite breakfast in a coffee shop.

Since I know for sure that I will experience urges and that is truly a fact. It’s a neurological, hormonal, and biological fact because my body and brain are currently dependent on flour and sugar, I thought what if I put that in the C line, and I noticed that I have really fearful and anxious thoughts about the upcoming urges.

I did a thought download and this is what I noticed:

C: Upcoming urges over the next several weeks
T: It is so hard to undo this habit.
T: Every morning I need to renegotiate with my lower brain who makes such good arguments.
T: Even though it will benefit me in the future, I do feel like I am missing out now.
T: Allowing the urge and not fulfilling it really sucks.

Then, of course, each model to its own, causes me to feel stressed, anxious, and dread.

I wonder what thoughts you suggest that are more beneficial to think about the fact that I will experience urges and they probably be uncomfortable?