Urges (Day 3)

Holy Wow Brooke!

I’m on day 3 of feeling my urges and not indulging them.

–> Today we went out to eat at Chick-Fil-A…and I choose to stick to my salad, without much interest in soda or waffle fries.
–> After dinner, my husband heard donuts calling his name…so we went and picked some up. Again, I choose not to have any.
–> In addition to food, I also staid off my phone today. Which as been a buffer for not being with my family and only causes negative emotions.

Seriously Brooke, how could ONE podcast, 7 months of SCS and hundreds of thought downloads flip a switch so quickly!!

These are all things I’ve wanted to change but was overwhelmed by and not sure where to even begin. Who knew it was with one simple concept like URGES!

I choose to believe that my life is changed. Tonight, rather than playing Candy Crush or scrolling FB while I nursed my baby, I visualized meeting you at the Modelthon and telling you how grateful I am for everything you’ve created. I visualized that when I do meet you, I’m telling you about the 2 new clients I just booked and the 10lbs I lost without trying, in just a few weeks.

I can’t wait!!!