Urges (day 4 & 5)

Day 4 went well feeling my urges around food and noticing and feeling some of my urges around my phone/FB/email obsession.

Day 5, went 90% well.

I decided to eat 1 1/2 donuts. I also decided to still love myself and not take this as a sign that anything goes all the time.

Does this mean though that the 60+ urges I’ve documented up to this point are moot?

How does giving in impact our traction?

C: donuts available to eat
T: it’s no big deal
F: excited
A: eat it!
R: feel a little sugar sick. enjoy it. dwell on putting myself further behind

it is a little bit of a big deal though because now my brain is looking to that instance as proof that I can revert to other negative eating habits and they also should be “no big deal”.

What types of thoughts do you recommend around these types of situations?