Urges (day 6)

Day 6 of noticing and choosing not to indulge in my urge to eat. Another successful day in the books!

Thoughts I see…
–this is really easy
–I am so surprised this isn’t harder!
–I don’t even feel hungry and I’m eating seriously less!

Another area of urges I noticed today is my urge to work. We send the kids to daycare on Tuesday & Thursday so I can work. So those nights I have lots of things I could finish…and on Monday & Wednesday I want to work because I haven’t that day.

Today I told my husband that tonight isn’t a work night. I want to work. But my dream life doesn’t involve working every night and not spending time with him. (whaaaat?! who is this person I am?!)

I continue to be in awe of what can happen when I manage my mind. Thank you Brooke for paving this path for me.