Urges in the middle of doing something on Calendar

Hi coaches… So my urges comes in the middle of doing something in my calendar. However, when the urge comes i usually have the thought of “urge, i dont have the time for you, i am doing what i have planned to do” or “urge, i only have a minute for you. After that im going to do what i have planned to do”. My underlying thoughts to these thoughts are that “i want to finish what ive plan on time or earlier. Giving 10min to process my urge is too long, i might have to extend what im currently doing which will affect my next task”. And another one is that “i am being distracted from my current task, but i want to do it anyway”.

I don’t give in to the urge but i don’t think im able to process it either. I think i have conflicting thoughts of being able to do my planned activity vs processing my urge.

Or is this coming from scarecity mindset about having time to process the urge? Or is it just a matter of prioritization?

I want to think a thought of “i can process my urge while still able to do my planned activities” but im also thinking if this is even possible.

Please help with new thoughts that i can start with.

Thanks so much!