Urges, Model, & Productivity

I need help understanding where to put an urge in the model. I’m guessing it’s a feeling? …so the situation is: my R is I’m not productive. I’m realizing that I’m often indulging in these 2 urges: 1) to pick up my phone (on autopilot) and start browsing aimlessly; 2) get up, go to kitchen, grab something to munch on. It’s like, I just have to eat something. Weight is not my struggle; my struggle is with being productive in a business I’m trying to create (I see that I’m probably not all-in cuz I said I’m ‘trying’ to create it). I’m a little confused as I’m not able to put this whole thing into a model. Can you please help me get a perspective on this? How do I deal with urges in my case? I want to be efficient and productive. Right now I seem to be busy but unproductive. Can you please help me see this with clarity? And how do I approach this going forward? How can I use model work and this urge-awareness towards actually creating positive results in my life and in my business? Thanks a lot, in advance!