Urges – OCD or Weight Loss?

I know that Brooke has talked about the importance of picking one goal to work on at a time. I am really appreciating this month’s topic and am using it to examine and address my OCD behaviors (washing my hands, checking things repeatedly, etc). I wrote in a few weeks ago that trying to address the OCD behavior was a lot like allowing an urge. It feels so urgent to do the behavior that my brain says is so important and it has a million reasons why I should wash my hands one more time, which becomes four more times, or checking to make sure the lights are off one more time, which becomes four more times (or more). Doing the thought download and models each day is extremely helpful.

I also want to work on lose weight. I have watched the weight loss course and have started watching the Urge Jar videos. I even ordered and just got in the Urge Jar.

My question is this – does it matter if I start with OCD and use the urge jar for allowing those urges first, and then move onto weight loss, or vise versa? Does it matter which way I do it?