Urges that are Non Stop

I have a problem with chocolate. I eat it when I am anxious or bored, this usually occurs at work. I have no problem not eating it on the weekend. I am working through the Urges modules now.

Now that I am working remotely, and at home, which I had thoughts that created anxiety about, I want to eat all the chocolate. I am trying to get a couple of beads in the jar each day. Yesterday I was able to put 3 and didn’t eat any chocolate. Today, I allowed myself chocolate, 2x but have eaten the amount that I could have in a day. I have put 3 beads in, which isn’t accurate, because it should be more but I have had about 4 urges an hour and they just keep coming in waves.

These waves are hard and I want chocolate. How do I deal with continuous waves of urges? I have many days like this. Boredom is a constant with my job. There is no way around the fact that it doesn’t stimulate my brain in anyway. And when I feel them it just feels never ending, until I leave work… welp now that I am not working at work, I don’t get to leave them behind. Help me, please!